Home delivery

Please find our latest pre-assembly advice here.


In conjunction with the British retail consortium Wiemann have thoroughly worked towards a safe restart of our Home delivery and installation (HDI) service.
Our efforts were truly focused on how we can gain a normal service whilst keeping both our customers and assembly teams safe.

Having developed a robust process to ensure the safety of all parties involved in the delivery and assembly by a 2 man team we are confident as are our retailers.

When our Home delivery and installation (HDI) partner contacts you to arrange an appointment for the delivery of your bedroom furniture you will be asked additional questions to that we already have in place.

• Is anyone in the household currently Self-Isolating because of the COVID-19 Virus?
• Is anyone in the household currently suffering from a repetitive cough or raised body temperature?
• Is there any other reason that you have been told to Self-Isolate and therefore should not accept this delivery?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then they will defer the booking and fix a return call / communication in 14 days’ time. At which time the same questions will be answered.

If the answer to all of the above is NO, then a suitable appointment will be made with you. 
From this time to the date of the appointment we would ask that, should the circumstances within your household change then please let us know as soon as possible so scheduling can be altered.
You will receive contact from our HDI partner up to 48 hours before the appointment to clarify that nothing has changed within your household.

On the day of the delivery we respectfully ask that these measures are taken by yourself to aid the assembly team.

• All doors along the route to the assembly destination, must be open to allow the assembly team to freely enter the premises having minimal touch points. • There are minimal members of the household present within the property during the assembly process.

• Please open window/s in the room of the assembly to allow fresh airflow at all times whilst the team is present.

The team will give you 30 minutes notice before their arrival so you don’t have to have windows open for long periods at this time of year. It will be mandatory for you to wear a face mask also whilst in the close vicinity of the team.

• Once you have shown and instructed the team where the location of the furniture is to be, you must then leave the room where the delivery/assembly will be
completed and remain out of the room (unless invited back in by team) at which point you will need to wear a mask as will the fitters, a minimum of 2 metres away
from the assembly teams and adhere to the Social Distancing guidance issued by UK Government. 

Our assembly teams responsibilities.
On arrival outside your property they have the following process to follow.

• Both members of the team to wash hands using sanitiser and/or water and soap before they approach your property.
• One team member to announce arrival at the property. Knock on door and step back 2metres. They will be wearing mask and gloves.
• Short and polite conversation to establish current status of household.
a) Is anyone self-isolating?
b) Is anyone showing symptoms?
• Providing nothing has changed then they will ask to walk the route to the destination for assembly. They will at all times whilst interacting with you be wearing their PPE mask and gloves.
• When the delivery and assembly starts it’s very likely that the wearing of gloves and/or their mask will not be possible as it can make the carrying of packets difficult. However, as before we would ask that you remain distanced from them during the full delivery and assembly process.
• Where possible one team member will assemble the products whilst the second member brings the articles in to the property and removes packaging etc.
• They have been asked to politely refuse refreshments (they will have their own) and if there is a need to use your toilet then they will use their own personal hand towel.
• Delivery of larger items, such as chests, where it requires two men then they will wear masks as they will not be able to face away from each other.

Once the assembly is completed.

• The team member who interacted firstly with you, will adorn their PPE and invite you to inspect the furniture. 
• To Sign the delivery documents we have put in place two options.
1) If you have your own protective gloves and pen then you will be asked to sign the POD after the team member has run through it with you.
2) With no gloves then the member will sign on your behalf but will also ask to photograph the product with yourself alongside.

It is suggested that before you use your furniture that you use a bacterial wipe on all METAL surfaces e.g. handles. 

Under the current Government guidance it is necessary to have these safe working guidelines in place and should at any time
the assembly team feel that rules are not being adhered to, they will consult their office and the right to abort the assembly
will be with their employer. Which may incur related costs.

We must ensure the safety of both yourselves and our assembly teams for the duration of their visit to assemble your valued furniture