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These are some common questions answered in advance:

How and where can I purchase Wiemann bedrooms?
All Wiemann ranges can be purchased from major furniture retailers in Germany and Europe. Use the “stockist search” function to find a stockist near you.

How environmentally friendly are Wiemann bedrooms?
All materials used to make Wiemann bedrooms, such as chipboard, films and adhesives, comply with the emissions category “E1". Compliance with this standard and the “E1” health category is constantly monitored by an independent institute. Likewise,the high-quality surfaces of our solid wood are physiologically safe and impeccable in terms of industrial hygiene. The entire production process complies with the relevant EU directives.

How do I best take care of Wiemann bedrooms?
You can find detailed care instructions here.

I have questions about a Wiemann bedroom I have bought / I would like to buy a Wiemann bedroom and need more information.
If you have any questions on our products or you need small parts, assembly instructions or brochures, just use our contact form.

Where are Wiemann bedrooms manufactured?
Wiemann bedrooms are manufactured exclusively in Germany. You can find out more about this here.