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Quality Made in Germany

WIEMANN furniture are quality products from Germany. For us, “Made in Germany” is a genuine promise to our customers.

Our company is certified under ISO 9001 and works according to a precisely defined quality management system. This enables us to guarantee top quality for our customers across every stage of the production process right up to the completed product. First-class quality begins for us with our initial idea and only ends when you are satisfied. We set the highest standards for every component, material and aspect of production.

No more and no less.


What features WIEMANN furniture so durable and reveal premium quality?

Superior ball-bearing slides
provide drawers with lateral stability and ensure that they operate smoothly no matter whether they are almost empty or full.

Well-fitted hinges
ensure that all wardrobe doors sit perfectly and can be opened and closed smoothly and quietly.

Metal rear panel brackets
are exceptionally stable and, in contrast to plastic, do not become distorted over time. They keep rear panels securely connected to the furniture bodies.

Pre-drilled mounting holes
for shelves leave you free to reorganise your cabinets.

Metal-edged shelf supports
are exceptionally stable, keep shelves securely in place and underline the high-quality appearance of your furniture.

Excentric cross-joints
are made of metal and keep body parts securely and reliably connected for years.

Baffle plates with noise-reducing soft-lip guards

on wardrobes with folding and sliding doors make sure that doors can be closed quietly. The sealing effect also prevents dust from getting in through the doors.

Central feet on futon beds
make beds more stable and prevent them from warping or sagging.