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Einkaufsphilosophie Purchasing philosophy Einkaufsphilosophie

Purchasing philosophy

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Strong partners wanted!

To a great extent the success of our company depends on the performance of our suppliers. Therefore we are permanently looking for new, capable suppliers which are able to contribute efficiently to our company's ultimate ambition: to secure and improve the customer's satisfaction on the highest level.

Strong partners

Strong partners of our company should have the following characteristic featuers:

  • adherence to schedule
  • high flexibility
  • reliability and probelm solving competence

belong to the strengths of our company.

Quality and cost management
You work with a state-of-the-art and efficient system of quality management. Your quality management philosophy is based on the "zero-defect" principle and the permanent improvement in costs, quality, schedule and services.

Assistance for troubleshooting
We look for the supplier who adapts our problems as his own. You support us with your knowledge and have your share in finding the solution. You use tools like value engineering, standardization, technical simplification and others.

Competence in development
You identify trends of the market and continuously put them into new products which - coordinated with our designers - will be incorporated into the new developments of our programs.